Cycle of 8 photographies + photobook,
Digital print, different sizes


The picture is the light, the beginning of each presentation. Light emanates objects out of the darkness. Objects keep the light on and bounce it off, towards other objects. This is an endless reflex play.

The cycle „From the Light” contains of 8 photographs and a photo book „TIME – EMIT”, which was the starting point for the exhibition. By my intuitive perception, I documented the surrounding reality, drawing out of it flashing, forms of absolute, phenomena. The quality of the photographs taken was insignificant, but the moment of recording the events that took place in a particular place and time was irrelevant. My main role as an active observer of reality made these phenomena possible to show in the form of images. In my photographs I often use allegory, which I do not communicate anything directly. According to Hugh from St. Wiktor, the visible beauty is a sign and image of the beauty of the invisible. So I am showing ordinary objects and situations that suggest distant and unclear content. This allows me to understand that what is invisible and unimaginable, however, exists.