Sometimes you wake up in a reverie, where you are aware—or rather, suddenly become aware of an alternate realm where everything is the same but also static and unchanging. You struggle but could not find a purpose, a significance, a reason to be there, or here, or anywhere at all. It’s a prickly comforting and calmly chaotic place to be, one that you didn’t know you were searching, yet couldn’t help but linger once you find yourself there.

One thing is clear when you traverse through Piotr Pardiak’s photographs: they capture not objects but that atmospheric substance that permeates the space. They offer glimpses of that mental place we visit every so often to contemplate and seek meaning so we can return and carry our way forward a little further.



The photography helps me in few specific moments, finding the reflex on me (or someone similiar to me) to sign the moment in time and showing my presence.

This series is still in progress.